Investor relations is equal parts fundamentals and storytelling

Fundamentals matter…

Margin Expansion

Revenue Growth

Cash Flow Generation

Market Positioning

...but so does story

Management philosophy




An effective IR program not only communicates the fundamental attributes of a company, it also lays out the road map to where the company is headed. Fundamental performance ultimately determines the long-term performance of a stock, but a compelling narrative is just as important when competing for the attention of institutional investors.

Mackintosh can help on both fronts.

We have extensive experience analyzing company fundamentals and framing them in the best possible light. We also have strong insight into the institutional investor landscape and know the types of investment profiles that resonate with long-term investors. Our solutions are tailored to suit each client’s needs, so whether you’re looking for a complete outsourced solution, or a compliment to your existing IR efforts, Mackintosh can provide your firm with the resources necessary to effectively communicate your fundamentals and story to the investment community.